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How long does it take to get a login ID after adding students to the roster? 11/27/20
Caret in student answer or answer key 11/24/20
Character limit in student answer 11/24/20
Setting up new Tournament Invitational 11/24/20
Remove from November "Practice Tournament" to Register for Regionals? 11/23/20
Student Log In 11/22/20
Update on Alternates in Team Roster 11/22/20
Is a competitor able to complete a test via scilympiad using an iPad, or does the technology require a desktop/laptop? 11/22/20
Partial Credit for short answer/essay questions 11/21/20
Login ID 11/20/20
How do I make teams "Official" in the tournament? 11/20/20
Remove from Invitational to sign up for Regional? 11/19/20
Viewing Team Groups 11/19/20
Director Emails 11/18/20
Coach access to Graded Exams 11/18/20
Determining what school is Offocial 11/18/20
Different "Time Remaining" for Team Members in Test 11/16/20
How to deter cheating 11/16/20
How do I set up the number of Projected Teams for comparison against the number of scores entered? 11/15/20
Youtube Link for Awards Ceremony AMS Div C Invitational? 11/14/20
Students aren't able to see each other's work. 11/14/20
Scilympiad Practice - last Sat 11/7 11/14/20
From a scoring point of view, what's the difference between competed and participate? 11/14/20
Behavior of "Require test takers to stay in browser" ? 11/13/20
how do I join my school 11/12/20
Is it possible to simulate a pair of partners working a test? 11/12/20
Team Numbers AFTER Student Rosters Go In 11/11/20
Custom Invoice 11/11/20
request for Code Analysis event 11/11/20
Multi-line Code blocks not working well in editor 11/11/20
Corrected tests in student/coach views missing 11/11/20
Where and how do students register for the scilympiad account on the transcontinental competition site? 11/11/20
Adding images to multiple choice boxes 11/11/20
Grouping a Text block with a series of questions 11/11/20
Codebusters Issue 11/11/20
Processing Finance Payment 11/10/20
Test results after Scilympiad Practice Day 11/09/20
I'm a Head Coach and I volunteer to supervise an event but I don't have access to the Event Supervisor functions. 11/08/20
What if student took a test this morning and it still says timed out. Will it eventually submit? 11/07/20
Video submission link for Mission Possible closed 11/07/20
Video submission link for Mouse Trap vehicle closed? 11/07/20
Gravity Car google links not working to upload video of trial and data. 11/07/20
Write it CAD it 11/07/20
green highlight on monitor screen 11/07/20
WIDI Access 11/07/20
Write It Do It 11/07/20
How do I change the roles of Coach and Head coach, after registration has been completed? 11/06/20
Event Supervisor Resources 11/06/20
login error 11/06/20
Supporting Documents - how do students access them? 11/05/20

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