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Welcome to the exciting possibilities for you and your students that happen with  Science Olympiad.  Science Olympiad is a National Science, Technology,  Engineering, and Math program that allows students to apply what they know in a  competitive setting.  Arizona Science Olympiad offers Div A for grades 2 through 5,  Div B is for middle school  students, grades 6 through 9, and Div C is for high school students, grades 9 through 12.  We can offer you information on integration of  STEM education in your science and math classroom as well as numerous opportunities for your students to practice and compete in the various Science Olympiad events. Join us in the possibilities as we EXPLORE THE WORLD OF SCIENCE.

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Upcoming Events

  2 December:  Northern Arizona Invitational (Div B), Prescott Valley

 ‍ 2 December:  Empire HS Invitational (Div C), Tucson


Div B: Southern Regional Schedule
Div B: North Central Regional Schedule 
Div C: State Schedule

2018 Season
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