Science Olympiad

All necessary information and forms can be found in the following google drive folder: Columbia High School Invitational Drive

           Columbia High School 

962 Luther Road

East Greenbush, NY 12061

(We are just off I-90, east of Albany at Exit 9. The school is less than 5 minutes from the exit. )

 We plan to run all 23 national events and any New York State trial events. After registering online, please email indicating whether your teams will participate in the protein event. (The running of all events is contingent on at least 25 teams signing up for our invitational and running events.)

 We would like to host 25-36 teams. For now, we will be limiting the number of teams to two per high school.

The cost of the event is $100/team.  The registration form must be mailed with a check in order to permanently reserve your spot. 

Each team of 15 must be accompanied to the Capital District Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament by at least one unique adult. 


  •  In order to run all events each team will need to write, set up, run and correct an event plus bring digital copies of the test and answer key for other teams to take home. If you are bringing two teams you will need to run two. After registering online, please email with 2 choices of events to supervise.
  • We will collate the tests your students take and put them in an envelope for you to take home at the end of the day. You will also receive a digital copy of tests with an answer key from all the other events.  
  • We simply ask that you do not post these materials on any open forum after the invitational.


In the event your team is unable to attend due to a weather incident we will compile the tests and answer keys and send them out to you.


 All teams, regardless of region or state, are permitted to register for the invitational competition. However, each team (A & B) must be appropriately registered with their state organization in order to compete.

We hope you will come and participate in a fun filled event.

If you have questions please contact Diana Prout through email at

Upcoming Dates



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