Tournament Appeal Process

Problems, questions or concerns at the competition:

  1. Competitor (only) asks the Event Supervisor in an orderly and well-mannered way.
  2. If concern is not resolved, competitor consults with head coach to initiate an appeal process.
  3. Head coach (only) listed on the site and with appropriate wristband must contact the Tournament Director no later than 30 minutes of the end of the last time-slot of the tournament.
  4. To ensure consistency and to avoid disruptions, head coaches are not to approach Event Supervisors for clarifications or reconsideration.
  5. Head Coach (only) will be notified of the ruling, before the awards ceremony
  6. The Tournament Director will do its best to adjudicate as fairly as possible. The decision of the Tournament Director is final.
  7. No results will be modified once awards have been announced.

Only head coach can file an appeal.