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Your Inland Empire Regional Science Olympiad Registration (DO NOT register by clicking on the Register Your School button above.)

Division A (grades 3-6); Divisions B (grades 6-9); Division C (grades 9-12)

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Your Regional Science Olympiad season. In order to compete at your Regional Tournament, the following requirements must be met:

1. Register Online (see below for registration instructions). DO NOT register by clicking on the Register Your School button above.
2. Pay required registration fees (see fee structures and payment instructions below)
3. Principal verification of head coach (email will be sent out after team registration)
4. Provide Certificate of Liability Insurance (see below for the instructions for submission of the form)
5. Complete the following required Registration Documents


Registration Information
Limit of TWO teams allowed per school

Registration Opens on 9-4-2018
Register for up to two teams by clicking and completing the 2019 SoCal Regional Science Olympiad Online Application. We are NOT accepting more than 2 teams currently. If you are registering multiple teams, include Team 1 or Team 2 next to your school name. Please do not register a 3rd team. We will inform you if space for a 3rd team is available. You may check to see if you are registered by clicking on the Participating Schools link. Please give it a few minutes for your school to show up on the list.

Membership Fees

Participation in the Inland Empire Science Olympiad includes membership in the National and State Science Olympiads and is required. Fees cover the cost of the development of the events, tournament medals, team trophies and plaques, insurance, event materials, and the infrastructure requirements of the events and host venue. Teams may not participate in this regional tournament without membership in the state and national organizations. The fees are due November 19, 2018. You will not be provided with a team number until fees have been received.

Junior and Senior Divisions (B & C) $325.00
Elementary Division (A) $125.00*

*Special Note for Division AThe Inland Empire Science Olympiad will not be handling the Elementary Olympiad Coaches Manual this year. The manual is the same as it has been the past several years. If you want a new Elementary Olympiad Coaches Manual, you can purchase one at the National Science Olympiad Store. This year's events will be posted in the Division A Preliminary Schedule.

Where to Send Membership Dues

Submit your membership dues in the form of a CHECK payable to "Southern California Science Olympiad" to

Southern California Science Olympiad
2130 E. Mariposa Ave #5
El Segundo, CA 90245

(Purchase Orders (PO) ARE NOT accepted
Do not forget to include your School Name and Division on the check.

Note: all registrations are tentative until 


Certificate of Insurance

What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

The Riverside Unified School District requires that your school/district provide us with a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" or "Evidence of Coverage" Certificate in order to attend and participate in the March 2, 2019 IERSO program being held on the campus of Ramona High School in Riverside, CA.

You, as the coach for your team, will need to immediately request from your district/school/risk management office contact, insurance coverage, in the form of a Certificate of Liability, for your team's participation in the IERSO 2018 program. The Certificate of Liability coverage certifies to the Riverside Unified School District that your district/school is aware of your school’s participation in this event and authorizes your team's attendance in the IERSO program on March 2, 2019 at Ramona High School in Riverside, CA. The 'Certificate' also allows for all involved to understand that the district or insuring agency will provide liability coverage for each team's participants and district staff who participate in the program.

Insurance Certificate Language: (Certificate of Liability Insurance or Evidence of Coverage Certificate)

Certificate Holder:

The Riverside Unified School District, its Trustees & Board Members and the staff members of Ramona High School, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers of each of them. In addition, the Southern California Science Olympiad must be named as an “additional insured”.

If a district has more than one school participating in the upcoming program and the issuing agency allows for this, one certificate for all the participating schools in a district can be issued providing all of those participating are named in the "Certificate of Liability" or "Evidence of Coverage" Certificate that is provided. Should your Risk Management Office or Insurance Agent have questions regarding the requested information, please contact, John Preston, RUSD Director of Risk Management by email at or by phone at (951) 788-7135 extension 80601.

Required Insurance Forms Destination

Once completed, you or your school district must e-mail a PDF copy of the Certificate of Liability to and a hard copy of the original Certificate must be mailed directly to the:

Riverside Unified School District
Attn: John Preston, Director of Risk Management
Riverside Unified School District
3380 14th Street
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 788-7135, ext. 80601

Certificate of Insurance Deadline

Regardless of the how the copy of the 'Certificate' is provided, the "original certificate(s)" must be mailed to John Preston at the address provided above. Please include the name of the district, name of the school, and the team number to ensure that the documents are credited to the proper school. The Certificate of Liability or Evidence of Coverage Certificate must be received by November 16, 2018 (email or US mail) to enable program staff to verify that all insurance requirements for your team have been met.

Please give a copy of this information to your risk manager or insurance agency contact to make them aware of the wording and time-lines needed for completion and receipt of the required information. In addition, please remember to check with your risk management office/insurance agent on a regular basis regarding the status of the completion of your 'Certificate'.


If you have questions, please email us at