Rules Clarifications/Changes

Missouri Event FAQ's
Updated 12-14-2019

State Event Dimensions:

Ping Pong Parachute:
Maximum launch pressure will be 65 psi. The event will be held in Westminster Gym. The ceiling height is 30 feet (9.14 m)


National Rule Clarifications
Updated 11-11-2019

Please refer to the National Science Olympiad Website for the
official list of rules clarifications from the National Office.

Codebusters: (C):
3.f.v. should read, edits in bold: "the Hill Cipher - Encrypting plaintext or decrypting cipher text with a 2x2 encryption matrix or 3x3 decryption matrix provided” (the word Encrypting was misspelled)

Fossils (B and C):
Page 2, Column 2, Row 8, should read, edits in bold: “Species H. sapiens” (sapiens should be plural)

Mission Possible (B):
5.l. Scoring should read, edits in bold: 5.l. Devices impounded after the deadline will be scored after devices impounded on time. (This is an entirely new line added)

Mousetrap Vehicle (B):

7.f. Scoring, should read, edits in bold:

f. Tiers: The highest number Tier will be applied when more than one is applicable:

i. Tier 1: Runs with no violations

ii. Tier 2: Runs with any competition violations

iii. Tier 3: Runs with any construction violations

iv. Tier 4: Teams with 2 Failed Runs

v. Tier 5: Teams that did not impound their Vehicle during the impound period

(Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels of violations were switched to be consistent with other Vehicle events)

Ornithology (B and C):
on the Official Bird List, Page 2, Column 3, Last Row, should read, edits in bold: "European Starling Sturnus vulgaris” (The word Sturnus was misspelled)

Ping Pong Parachute (B and C):
5.c. Competition, should read, edits in bold: When called to launch, teams will load their rocket onto the launcher. Once the rocket is loaded, but NOT pressurized, teams will place the parachute payload system on or in the rocket. After the payload parachute system is loaded it cannot be manipulated. Teams will then pressurize the rocket to the pressure (psi) of choice based on their practice log data. At no time should the pressure vessel (bottle) be pressurized beyond 65 psi. The Event Supervisor will check the gauge on the pump to ensure the rocket is pressurized to the psi chosen and justified by the team's data. (A new maximum pressure is now listed)

Protein Modeling (C):
3. Part I: The Pre-Built Model a. should read, edits in bold: a. Participants will use the program Jmol/JSmol to visualize cytidine deaminase (chain A, residues 31-145) based on data found in the 5keg.pdb file. The atomic coordinate data file… (Replaces "deaminase (chain A, residues 214-310)" based on data found in the "5td5.pdb file".)