2019-2020 Participating Schools

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Div B: 76 schools - 98 teams
Div C: 79 schools - 106 teams
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Atlanta C-3B1Region 2 B/CAtlanta C-3
Atlanta C-3C1Region 2 B/CAtlanta C-3
Barry SchoolB1Region 3 B/CPlatte County R3 District
Boonville R1 School DistrictB1Region 4 B/CBoonville R1 School District  
Brookfield High SchoolC1Region 2 B/CBrookfield R-3 School District
Brookfield Middle SchoolB1Region 2 B/CBrookfield R-3 School District
Canton C2Region 2 B/CCanton R-V
Canton B1Region 2 B/CCanton R-V
Carthage High SchoolC1Region 7 B/CCarthage RIX  
Carver Middle SchoolB1Region 7 B/CSpringfield Public Schools
Central High SchoolC2Region 7 B/CSpringfield Public Schools
Central High SchoolB2Region 7 B/CSpringfield Public Schools
Cherokee Middle SchoolB1Region 7 B/CSpringfield R-XII
Chillicothe Middle SchoolB1Region 1 BChillicothe R-II
Clayton High SchoolC2Region 6 CSchool District of Clayton
Clinton Middle SchoolB1Region 4 B/CClinton School District
Cole Camp High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CCole Camp R-1
Columbia Independent SchoolB1Region 5 B/CNA
Columbia Independent SchoolC2Region 5 B/CNA  
Concordia R-2 High SchoolB1Region 4 B/CConcordia R-2
Concordia R-IIC1Region 4 B/CConcordia R-2
Crest Ridge High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CJohnson County R-7
Cuba High SchoolC1Region 5 B/CCrawford County R-II
Cuba Middle SchoolB1Region 5 B/CCrawford County R2 Schools
Duchesne High SchoolC1Region 6 CDuchesne High School
East Prairie High SchoolC1Region 8 B/CEast Prairie R2
East Prairie High SchoolB1Region 8 B/CEast Prairie R2
Excelsior Springs High SchoolC1Region 3 B/CExcelsior Springs School District #40
Excelsior Springs Middle SchoolB1Region 3 B/CExcelsior Springs School District
Fordland R-IIIB1Region 7 B/CFordland R-III
Franklin County R-IIB1Region 6 BFranklin County R-II
Fredericktown High SchoolC1Region 8 B/CFredericktown r-1
Frontier School of InnovationB1Region 3 B/CFrontier Schools
Frontier STEM HIgh SchoolC1Region 3 B/CFrontier Schools  
Gentry Middle SchoolB1Region 5 B/CColumbia Public Schools
Glendale High SchoolC1Region 7 B/CSPS R-12
Green City R1B1Region 2 B/CGreen City R1
Greenwood Lab schoolB2Region 7 B/CN/A
Greenwood Lab schoolC3Region 7 B/CN/A
Hale R-1B1Region 4 B/CHale R-1 School District
Hale R-1 High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CHale R-1 School District
Harrisonville Middle SchoolB1Region 4 B/CHarrisonville/Cass R-IX
Hickman High SchoolC1Region 5 B/CColumbia Public Schools
Hickory Hills MiddleB2Region 7 B/CSpringfield R-12
Holden High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CHolden R-III School District
Holden Middle School B2Region 4 B/CHolden R-III School District
Hume High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CHume R-8 School District
Hume R-8B1Region 4 B/CHume R-8 School District
Immaculate Conception SchoolB2Region 7 B/CSpringfield-Catholic Schools
Jefferson Middle SchoolB1Region 5 B/CColumbia Public Schools
John Burroughs SchoolC2Region 6 CN/A
Joplin High SchoolC1Region 7 B/CJoplin Schools
Kearney B2Region 3 B/CKearney R1
Kickapoo High SchoolC1Region 7 B/CSpringfield Public Schools
King City R-1B2Region 1 BKing City R-1
King City R-1C2Region 1 CKing City R-1
KIPP St. Louis High SchoolC1Region 6 CKIPP St. Louis
Kirksville High School C2Region 2 B/CKirksville R-III School District
Knob Noster High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CKnob Noster  
Ladue Horton Watkins High SchoolC2Region 6 CLadue
Ladue Middle SchoolB2Region 6 BLadue
Lafayette Co C-1 MSB1Region 4 B/CLafayette County C-1
Lafayette County C-1 High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CLafayette County C-1 School District  
Lange Middle SchoolB1Region 5 B/CColumbia Public Schools  
Lathrop Middle SchoolB1Region 3 B/CLathrop R-II
Lebanon High SchoolC1Region 5 B/CLebanon R-3 School District
Leeton Middle SchoolB1Region 4 B/CLeeton R-X
Lindbergh High SchoolC2Region 6 Clindbergh School District
Linn County R-1C1Region 2 B/CLinn County R-1
Linn County R-1B1Region 2 B/CLinn County R-1
Lutie R-VIC1Region 7 B/CLutie R-VI
Macon R-1 C2Region 2 B/CMacon R-1 High School
Marceline High SchoolC2Region 2 B/CMarceline R-V
Marquette High SchoolC2Region 6 CRockwood
Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day SchoolC2Region 6 CMICDS  
Maysville R-1C1Region 1 CMaysville R1
Milan C-2 High SchoolC1Region 2 B/CMilan C-2 Schools
Milan C-2 School DistrictB1Region 2 B/CMilan C-2 School District
Moberly High SchoolC1Region 2 B/CMoberly School District
Moberly Middle SchoolB1Region 2 B/CMoberly School District
Monett High SchoolC1Region 7 B/CMonett R-1
Mountain Grove Middle SchoolB1Region 7 B/CMountain Grove School District
Muriel Battle High SchoolC1Region 5 B/CColumbia Public Schools
New Madrid County Central High SchoolC2Region 8 B/CNew Madrid R-1
Norborne High SchoolC1Region 4 B/CNorborne R-8 Schools
North Kansas City High SchoolC1Region 3 B/CNorth Kansas City
Northeast Nodaway R-V High SchoolC1Region 1 CNortheast Nodaway R-V School District
Northland Christian High SchoolC1Region 3 B/CNorthland Christian Education System
Northland Christian Middle SchoolB1Region 3 B/CNorthland Christian Education System
Notre Dame de Sion SchoolB1Region 3 B/CN/A
Oak Grove Middle SchoolB2Region 3 B/COak Grove R6 School District
Oak Park High SchoolC2Region 3 B/CNorth Kansas City School District
Owensville Middle SchoolB2Region 5 B/CGasconade County R-2  
Ozark High SchoolC2Region 7 B/COzark R-6  
Ozark Jr. HighC1Region 7 B/COzark R-VI
Ozark Junior HighB1Region 7 B/COzark R-VI
Ozark Middle SchoolB2Region 7 B/COzark Public Schools
Palmyra High SchoolC1Region 2 B/CPalmyra R-1 Schools
Palmyra Middle SchoolB1Region 2 B/CPalmyra R-1 School District
Park Hill South High SchoolC1Region 3 B/CPark Hill School District
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