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CollapseEvent Name: Anatomy
 01/30/19 2:42 PMNational FAQ: In this section, I am told to interpret ECG readings on strips. However, there are many complicated heart conditions that can be read on ECG strips. I'm wondering whether we have to know about all of these heart conditions or just a few basic ones.ECG interpretation will be simple and straight forward for B division. It is more about understanding how than diagnosis.
 01/30/19 2:38 PMNational Rules Clarification3.a.iii. should read: "Starling's forces in the capillaries"; (not Startling's)
CollapseEvent Name: Battery Buggy
 01/30/19 2:49 PMNational FAQ: Is a solenoid considered to be a mechanical relay, given that they are both electromagnetic coils with a similar function?Technically, all mechanical relays are built with a solenoid. However, some event supervisors may not know this and you may run into a problem. That, plus "solenoid" is not specifically mentioned in the list of allowable components (rule 3.f.) could result in a construction violation.
 01/30/19 2:48 PMNational FAQ: Will competitors be allowed to remove the cans from the course prior to each run to set up their sighting device? With the understanding that the sighting device is removed and the cans replaced prior to each run.Yes, this will be allowed.
CollapseEvent Name: Boomilever
 01/30/19 2:47 PMNational FAQ: Boomilever.5.b.ii. states:"ii. ¼” threaded eyebolt, no longer than 3”, and a ¼” wing nut". Does the 3" include the eye or just the rod/threads that extend from the eye? Is there a minimum length of the threaded eyebolt?The 3" threaded eyebolt refers to the labeled length at purchase. There is not a minimum length of the threaded eyebolt.
 01/30/19 2:47 PMNational FAQ: Does the 6 minutes include "placement verification time"?No, the 6 minutes should not include time taken by the Event Supervisor to verify the placement, although any corrections that need to be made will count as part of a team's 6 minute.
 01/30/19 2:47 PMNational FAQ: The parameter states "no portion" may touch below the line which is "more than" 15cm below the hook. Does this imply that supervisors can choose any distance greater than 15cm to draw the contact depth line?Boomilever B & C 3.e. The Contact Depth Line for a Boomilever is set at Div. B - 20 cm and Div. C - 15 cm. This is a set distance and will not vary between tournaments. All tournaments will have the same contact depth distance.
 01/30/19 2:45 PMNational Rules Clarification3.e. should read: "Before and throughout loading, no portion of the Boomilever may touch the testing wall below the Contact Depth Line which is 20 cm (Div. B) or 15 cm (Div. C) below the center of the hole for the Mounting Hook (5.a.iii.)." ("more than" has been removed from the text.)
 01/30/19 2:44 PMNational FAQ: If Wood is turned into wood string, would that still qualify for build materials?No, string made from wood can not be used.
CollapseEvent Name: Circuit Lab
 01/30/19 2:49 PMNational FAQ: Don't questions concerning the "electrical characteristics of a silicon PN junction" count as questions involving semiconductors, which is a topic "not included in the competition" according to 3. d.?PN Junctions, Operational Amplifiers, and diodes are allowed for Division C and LEDs are allowed in limited capacity for Division B, no other semiconductors devices are allowed other than stated by rules.
 01/30/19 2:44 PMNational FAQ: Are the breadboards mentioned limited to solderless breadboards, or will they involve soldering?Only solderless breadboards will be used.
 01/30/19 2:44 PMNational FAQ: Define the word "Basic." What is considered a Basic Multimeter? What is not considered a Basic Multimeter? Could it be digital? Auto ranging? What part is discretionary?Basic multimeter refers to those devices that are hand-held, battery powered, analog or digital, manual or auto ranging, measuring volts, amperes and ohms. Multimeters with advanced features, such as graphing, time waveform displaying, fft/frequency-domain functions, non-contact voltage sensing, current clamp probes are not considered basic. Whether to allow participants to use their own multimeters is at the discretion of the event supervisor. For example one regional supervisor may allow it, while another regional supervisor may not and require all participants to use multimeters they provide.
CollapseEvent Name: Crime Busters
 01/30/19 2:49 PMNational FAQ: Can teams bring spoon straws in their kit for scooping and stirring?Yes, spoon straws would be an acceptable substitution for spoons and spatulas as part of the materials participants bring to the event.
 01/30/19 2:46 PMNational FAQ: Can teams bring pipettes in addition to droppers?Pipettes are a type of dropper and are allowed.
 01/30/19 2:46 PMNational FAQ: The list of equipment for the chemistry events is listed as "recommended". Are the check marks recommended for each event or are teams limited in each event to those items with a checkmark?Teams may have in their kits all the items that are listed as Recommended Lab Equipment for Div. B Chemistry events for any Div. B Chemistry event even if there is not a check mark in the column for that event. Please see https://www.soinc.org/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/RecommendedLabEquip_DivB_121718.pdf The statement at the top of the list for Recommended Lab Equipment for Division B Chemistry Events says: Each team may bring any or all of the items listed below for use in Division B Chemistry Events. Teams not bringing these items will be at a disadvantage as Event Supervisors will not provide Recommended Lab Equipment. A penalty of up to 10% may be given if a team brings prohibited lab equipment to the event.
 01/30/19 2:41 PMNational FAQ: Previously, students were allowed to bring in magnets for metal identification. However, in the new recommended material list on the soinc website, magnets are not listed. Are students allowed to bring in magnets in their supply box?Yes, magnets will shortly be added to the list available online.
CollapseEvent Name: Disease Detectives
 01/30/19 2:41 PMNational FAQ: Are the steps of an outbreak investigation based on the 13 steps as listed on the CDC site, or on the 10 steps provided in previous years' event description.The updated event outline uses the 13 steps that are listed on the CDC site and in the textbook listed in the resources. It is the most up-to-date format. The process is the same, but the division into 13 steps emphasizes the validation of the hypothesis.
 01/30/19 2:39 PMNational FAQ: What is the focus of Disease Detectives this year?Disease Detectives has been reorganized for 2019 and the topic rotation has been dropped. See the 2019 rules for the emphasis in each area. For an outbreak investigation, needed background will be provided.
CollapseEvent Name: Elastic Launched Gliders
 01/30/19 2:46 PMNational FAQ: If a team launches their first flight in 30 secs. Do they have 5 minutes beginning at the 1st flight to continue or only 4 min 30 sec because the 5 minute period started with the initial minute countdown?The team has a total of 5 minutes for their Flight Period. The start of that 5 minutes is either with their first flight (trim or official) or their 5 minute Flight Period will begin 1 minute after they have picked up their glider from the ground, whichever time comes first. If a team launches their first flight (trim or official) within the 1 minute, there 5 minute time begins at that point no matter how much time elapsed between picking up the glider and the allowed 1 minute.
CollapseEvent Name: Experimental Design
 01/30/19 2:42 PMNational FAQ: Will participants be required to write a "Statement of problem" even though it is not included in the rubric? No. Students may write a Statement of Problem but the Hypothesis will contain information necessary to determine what is happening in the experiment.
CollapseEvent Name: Fossils
 01/30/19 2:42 PMNational FAQ: Will binders be measured using the binding or the rings?Binders will be measured by the size of the rings. A 3" binder has rings that have a 3" diameter on the inside of the rings. The binding of a 3" binder will be larger.
 01/30/19 2:39 PMNational FAQ: Cannot find the Official S.O. Geologic Time Scale. Found a reference in old 2010-11 event that went to a dead GSA site link, so I assume you're using the latest GSA Time Scale (v. 5.0), but that is not the way it's described in the rules.The Official S. O. Geologic Time Scale was modified from the GSA Time Scale and is available on the Science Olympiad website: https://www.soinc.org/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/FossilsGeologicTimeScale.pdf. The Geologic Time Scale was updated in 2018, but the Science Olympiad Official Time Scale will have 2019 in the title, to reflect use for the 2018-19 season.
CollapseEvent Name: Game On
 01/30/19 2:45 PMNational FAQ: There is information online about the TYPE OF GAME (e.g. shooting, building, etc), but the rules do not address how to score a team that doesn't use the type. Will students be given a game type?The current year's published rules are correct. There will NOT be a game type given to the students at competition. Students will be given a broad scientific theme to build their original computer game around.
 01/30/19 2:40 PMNational FAQ: The rules state, "Students will use the Scratch program" to create a game. The program is coming out with a new version or update in January (2019) for Scratch. It is in beta currently, and there are more features, and different organization. Whic...We will use the new version. This assumes the new version is released on time (January 2019), is stable, and has no major bugs or other issues precluding it from being used in the competition. If any of these assumptions turn out to not be the case, we will revisit this question and determine the course of action then.
CollapseEvent Name: Herpetology
 01/30/19 2:43 PMNational FAQ: For Herpetology are the species’ information based on North America only? For example, in population is it for North America or the whole world?Questions relating to species' information will be limited to North American groups and organisms included in the official herpetology list. However there might be a one or two broad, generalized questions about major, exotic groups (populations, examples) elsewhere in the world.
 01/30/19 2:40 PMNational FAQ: "One two-inch or smaller standard binder" should refer specifically to the rings in the binder being two inches or smaller, correct?Yes, the standard for measurements of a binder are based upon the inner size of the rings. For round ring binders, the size is determined by measuring the inside diameter of the ring(s). D-ring and slant-d ring binders are measured by the straight edge of the ring.
CollapseEvent Name: Mystery Architecture
 01/30/19 2:42 PMNational FAQ: For Mystery Architecture, how do you distinguish a tunnel from an arch? Must a tunnel be curved?The tunnel would be a completely enclosed passage leading from point A to point B. The tunnel does not have to be curved. For an arch, it would be a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a mass.
CollapseEvent Name: Potions and Poisons
 01/30/19 2:45 PMNational Rules Clarification3.Part I.a.viii. should read: "identification of various poisonous plants and animals, and their toxic effects: ...Western Water Hemlock (Cicuta douglasii),...". ("Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)" was changed to "Wild Carrot (Cicuta douglasii)") (1/30/19 Update: "Wild Carrot" was changed to "Western Water Hemlock")
CollapseEvent Name: Roller Coaster
 01/30/19 2:41 PMNational FAQ: Please give an example of the added rule: The beginning and the end of each Gap must be at least 0.5 cm above the next surface(s) below them.There has to be a step down to the next 'level' surface below the beginning and end of a gap. There can't just be a line drawn on a continuous surface. The Event Supervisors should be able to take a ruler, place it at the end or beginning of a gap, vertically oriented, and measure a minimum of 0.5 cm from the surface of the track before they hit something below it. (10/25/18 Update: Removed "A drawing will be posted on the website.")
 01/30/19 2:38 PMNational Rules Clarification2.c. should read: "Participants without eye protection will not compete and will be awarded participation points only."; (removed "ranked in Tier 4" as there is no Tier 4 for 2019)
 11/16/18 12:00 AMIs the maximum number of clearly labeled gaps, 3?Yes, you may include only up to 3 distinct, clearly labeled gaps.
CollapseEvent Name: Thermodynamics
 01/30/19 2:45 PMNational Rules Clarification5.c.iii. should read: "Heat Score (HS) = 20 x (the k value closest to zero of all teams) / k, where k is from Newton’s law of cooling: k = - (1 / cooling time) x ln((start water temp - room temp) / (final water temp - room temp))". ("(lowest k of all teams)" was replaced with "(the k value closest to zero of all teams)")
CollapseEvent Name: Write It Do It
 01/30/19 2:45 PMNational FAQ: is the writer allowed to use phrases such as ‘shaped like a u’ or ‘shaped like a L’?Yes, the writer is allowed to use those phrases as long as the letter they are using does not take on any unique characteristics that would make it a diagram.