Tournament Appeal Process

Problems, questions or concerns at the competition:

  1. Competitor (only) asks the Event Supervisor in an orderly and well-mannered way.
  2. If concern is not resolved, competitor consults with head coach to initiate an appeal process.
  3. Appeal must be filed within the testing block in which the competitor is available to consult with head coach, but no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the competition (end of the day).
  4. To ensure consistency and to avoid disruptions, head coaches are not to approach Event Supervisors for clarifications or reconsiderations. For minor issues, report to Tournament Headquarters.
  5. Head Coach will be notified of its ruling, depending on circumstances, by any or all of the following methods: online, email, text and/or phone call.
  6. The Appeal Committee will do its best to adjudicate as fairly as possible. The decision of the committee is final.

Only head coach can file an appeal. Form is located under Head Coach Dashboard.



Instructions for filing an Appeal:

Remember that event supervisors are extremely busy during the competition.

Please do not interfere with an event while in progress.

This form must be turned into tournament headquarters/arbitration in the tournament scoring room within one hour after the team has competed. If circumstances

prevent filing within thin time limit, the Arbitration Committee may, at their discretion, accept a late appeal.

The event supervisor must sign this form before it is submitted to the Arbitration Committee. If time permits, the supervisor may enter their response on this form or enter the time notified, initial and respond later to the Arbitration Committee before the final scoring for the event is completed.

Coaches may file appeals for their team only, not against another team unless foul-play or vandalism is observed. Teams may also submit an appeal if they are certain that the supervisor has misinterpreted or is not following the rules.

Please be specific in your appeal. Be sure to identify the exact rule/procedure that you feel was not followed. The Appeals Committee may reject appeals that are general in nature. The official coach of the team must sign and present this form.


Event Division School:

Coach Cell Phone:

What Rule/Procedure do you feel was not followed? (Must cite specific page # paragraph # from Coaches Manual).

Evidence Submitted/Witnesses (Attach additional information if applicable).

Suggested Solution:

Appealing Coach’s Signature:

Event Supervisor’s Response: (Please do not interrupt judging, if the supervisor is too busy to write a response, ask them to initial the form so they know it is delivered initials time).

 Arbitrator’s Resolution: (The decision of the arbitrators is final).