Wristband Procedures

1. Students will not be allowed to compete without wristbands, so please make sure that you have 15

wristbands (or the number equal to the names on the turned-in roster) in your package.

2. Wristbands are to be placed securely on the wrist of up to 15 competing team members (that are on the

turned-in roster) on Saturday morning before the competition or events begin (tight enough so that itcannot be slipped off-but not too tight). It may be confiscated if it can be slipped off.

3. If a wristband is defective or damaged, the coach and student must bring the band to tournament headquarters for validation and replacement before they are allowed to compete.

4. Event Supervisors will check student’s wrists when students sign in to their event to see that students have their wristband in place before their event begins.