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Max Teams Per School 
Max Teams 
Tournament Date 
EventsNorthwest Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 05, 2018Penn State Erie Campus
EventsSoutheast Regional TournamentregionalB11000Feb 27, 2019Neumann University
EventsSoutheast Regional TournamentregionalC11000Feb 27, 2019Neumann University
EventsA Test Regional TournnamentregionalB11000Mar 01, 2019Test University
EventsA Test Regional TournnamentregionalC11000Mar 01, 2019Test University
EventsCentral Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 02, 2019Millersville University
EventsCentral Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 02, 2019Millersville University
EventsNorthwest Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 05, 2019Penn State Erie Campus
EventsNortheast Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 06, 2019Penn State Wilkes-Barre Campus
EventsNortheast Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 06, 2019Penn State Wilkes-Barre Campus
EventsSouthwestern Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 06, 2019California University of PA
EventsSouthwestern Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 06, 2019California University of PA
EventsCentral East Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 14, 2019Kutztown University
EventsCentral East Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 14, 2019Kutztown University
EventsSoutheast Urban Regional TournamentregionalB11000Mar 16, 2019Saint Joseph's University
EventsSoutheast Urban Regional TournamentregionalC11000Mar 16, 2019Saint Joseph's University