Regional Science Olympiad awards team trophies to the top 6 schools in each division.

The team with the lowest overall points ranks 1st. Trophies will be awarded to the top 6 performing teams per division. Individual awards will be given to the top 6 teams in each event.  
Qualifying for the State Tournament:  OSU will determine how many teams may advance to State in each division from our tournament.  A school may only send 1 team to the state tournament, even if a school has two teams that score well enough to qualify. (Thus it is possible for a 7th ranked team to attend State, if 6 teams may advance, and a single school's teams place1st and 4th.)

The award ceremony will be held in the Blue Gym in the SWRC.  We will try to start at the appointed time (see the schedule), but we can't start until all the scores are in.  Please be patient.

We plan to use a projector to display scores -- if used, please feel free to shout and clap as much as you want!

If you take pictures, please take photos well to the side -- don't delay the ceremony by standing still in the middle of the awards area.