Wristband Procedures

Wristband Procedures for Akron Regional Science Olympiad Tournaments:

  1. Students will not be permitted to compete without wristbands, so please make sure that you have 15 wristbands (or the number equal to the names on the roster) in your package. Students will not need wristbands to impound their devices and related materials.   
  2. Wristbands are to be placed securely on the wrist of up to 15 competing team members on morning of the competition (tight enough so that it cannot be slipped off-but not too tight).
  3. Event supervisors are advised to send all students without a wristband back to their head coach.
  4. Additional wristbands will be available in limited quantity from Headquarters in case wristbands replacements are needed (ie, placed on the wrong student or broken prior to students’ competing). For any replacement wristbands to be issued, head coaches will be required to surrender the original wristband to the Regional Planning Team.
  5. Wristbands are not interchangeable between students and teams.
  6. Schools bringing two teams will have distinctly marked wristbands.  Supervisors may instruct double-team school teams where to sit based upon wristband markings. If such instruction is not provided, two-team school teams should seat themselves as far apart as possible for test-taking and/or station rotation.  Thank you. 
SUGGESTION:  Coach, when you first get your wristbands, scribble the team member names on the back (the white side) before separating them. 
Then, when you have two wristbands left, you'll know exactly which students still need wrist-banded.