Science Olympiad School Volunteers

Volunteers are valuable and necessary resource that contribute directly to the success of the Akron Regional Science Olympiad tournament. Participating schools are begged to send one adult volunteer (college student or at least 18 years old) per registered team. Teams with fewer than 8 students per team or experiencing extreme hardship may beg off. 

Please note school volunteers may not sign up to assist with an event in which their child/sibling is competing. With this online volunteer signup system, Head Coaches will be able to view their school signup roster to confirm their team volunteers and verify compliance.

Parents and school volunteers are reminded of National Science Olympiad Code of Ethics and Science Olympiad Pledges:

National Science Olympiad Code of Ethics

The goal of competition is to give one's best effort while displaying honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship.

Parent's Pledge

On behalf of the parents and spectators I pledge to be an example for our children by:

The Online Volunteer Signup System for participating schools will be activated in early January.